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The strong management team empowered to increase the annual revenue every year. This impressive growth has come in the midst of reorganizing the company as a General Contractor and Subcontractor with a reputation for finishing projects on time, while delivering quality work.

The recipe for success at Ultima has been a two-fold approach to business. The management team’s ability to recognize changes in the marketplace and adapt to them, while positioning the company with the most optimum potential for growth. Second has been the flexibility to staff the firm with top-flight and experienced professionals, from field installation and supervision to in-house management, on a growth basis. That includes when to outsource and subcontract out, and when to do a specific task or trade in-house.

The keys to success for the next five years will be:

 Expand the client base by winning bids with other City, State and Federal Agencies.

 Build out Ultima’s estimating, management and supervision team with the growth.

 To increase bonding capacity every year.

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